The strong one + the sad one.

Confessions from a literal “bleeding heart”.  It’s been hard to share pretty posts when life doesn’t feel pretty right now.  So consequently, I’ve been relatively quiet on all fronts for a couple weeks now.  Which is less than ideal when one has just released their first new music in a year – with more releases waiting in the wings and show dates coming up – and yet can’t bring herself to post on social media or return messages in a timely manner.  

While attempting to both unpack my suitcase and prep last-minute for today’s band rehearsal, a different thought came to mind…

What if, instead of feeling ashamed because I’m too tired to just “push through” my heartache, I:

• gave myself grace to be where I’m at  

• shared my feelings and my fears openly

• stood still and listened closer for what I still need to learn

It’s not aesthetically pleasing.  It doesn’t get me on playlists or booked for the show.

But it’s human.

And maybe that’s enough.

I want to normalize being honest about being human, both the good and the devastating, in my relationships and in what I send out into the world in my songs and social media.

I didn’t write this post to go into the specifics of what’s been heavy on me lately, those stories/details will come later.

This morning’s post is for anyone who needs to hear this, myself included…

The strong one can also be the sad one sometimes.

It’s okay.

The same girl looking fun & fierce in her new video can also be the girl crying off her eyelash extensions in the park as she puts Aquafor on a recent chest wound.  (I’m fine, don’t worry.)

There IS room for both.

And both deserve to be known.

So let’s share summer and songs and pretty pictures and all the gratitude.

But also, let’s not shy away from the hard days either.

Other people’s stories have the ability to connect us and teach us so much if we allow it.

I want to be freer in sharing mine and hopefully I’ll learn something

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