Raye’s Read for May 2020!

Hey everybody!

Quarantine 2020 has made us all work to find ways to feel sane and centered. I don’t know about you, but it’s been a struggle for me to remain in a good headspace the last few weeks. I’ve been constantly grappling with the reality that my big music releases and performances are postponed and/or cancelled until…?? – grieving the loss of my dog – and watching Michigan’s (mostly) cold and rainy weather from my kitchen window.

We’ve all had our own struggles during this time in quarantine and I don’t know about you, but emotionally, I feel pretty blindsided by what’s been swirling around in my head and heart. So instead of making myself an island during this, I figured I could just dive right into these uncharted waters and ask you to join me!

Announcing my first ever Raye’s Read pick … UNTAMED by Glennon Doyle!

I’m a huge fan of Glennon’s last masterpiece, LOVE WARRIOR and have been anxiously awaiting her new book ever since. A close girlfriend of mine, who shared a lot of the same missteps as me in our 20’s, recommended LOVE WARRIOR to me when I had newly moved back to Michigan from Nashville. I wasn’t adjusting well, despite the convincing front I’d put on. I was just a 2 or 3 months into a new relationship with a wonderful man who treated me like a queen, but I was still carrying around a lot of baggage. I still had a lot of self-destructive tendencies and I was terrified of screwing up something so good. I thought I’d always be the girl who acted “empowered” for the rest of the world but hated herself in silence. I thought drama would always follow me because it always had before, and I’d continue to make a joke of it and move on to the next land mine without missing a beat. I read LOVE WARRIOR at such a pivotal point in my story – the offer of a clean slate that Michigan and this man (who would eventually become my husband) presented. I could do what I’ve always done and get what I always got, or I could learn to love myself to want something more.

Truly, Glennon’s story and insight helped kick off the “reinvention” of Raye.

And now that I’m in yet another new season of life, her newest book couldn’t come at a better time.

So hopefully you’ll join me in reading along! I’ll be posting to my blog and Instagram each Friday – asking questions and getting your reactions to the book so far. It’ll be like therapy, only the free kind 😉

It’s Spring and new life is working its way towards the light. So armed with the newest addition to our family (Opie the pup) and UNTAMED, I can’t wait to see how it blooms.

Happy Reading!

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