the year of everything.

Well, this is a big week.  A big week on many levels.  I’m experiencing all kinds of feels.  But more on that later.

It’s been a quite awhile since I’ve written and posted a blog, and I feel like I should catch you up on the happenings…

A year ago today,  I was preparing to release my 2nd single independently, “Suicidal Heart”.  A dual-versioned single, at that.  I was chained to my computer for weeks…designing artwork, making videos, writing my own press releases, looking up and sending off emails to anyone that might listen, revamping my website, coming up with a social media strategy, trying to land local appearances, and all the 1000 roles artists play when it’s just you.  All the while, I was working with 0 dollars and no band.

But I was joyously working.  Being in the driver’s seat for the first time in a long time was such a confidence-builder.  Plenty of people didn’t get back to me but I didn’t care.  Because with every “yes” I got, it reaffirmed that I was on to something.  That maybe, just maybe after all the years of feeling like I was on a “hamster wheel”, I actually learned how to be a businesswoman on top of being a good singer.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it til the day I die… All we need is the boost of ONE opportunity.  The rest is how hard you’re willing to work to keep that momentum.  

As soon as that single was released, I was working on what was to come next.  And in the midst of picking out a 3rd single … Instagram changed the game.

At the end of February 2019, I saw a Sponsored Ad on my Instagram feed from TIDAL. The post said they were looking for Detroit-based artists for a unique opportunity.  So, I clicked and it led me to a submission page on their website.  Ten minutes later, I’d filled out the application with my links and pushed “Submit”.  I knew it was a complete long shot so I didn’t give it a second thought after that day.  Onward with my plan, which involved a couple shows in Nashville that week and figuring out how to cheaply record my 3rd single.

One month later, I heard back from TIDAL.  Which led to several video interviews between me and TIDAL team members – one of us reporting from an old lady bungalow in Michigan and the others coming from a conference room in NYC.  Surreal doesn’t begin to explain it.  It led me to a live audition.  TIDAL team members flew in from NYC, a camera crew had me all mic’ed up, and I was filmed from every angle as I sat in a chair, strummed my guitar, closed my eyes and sang like my life depended on it.  (And prayed that they couldn’t see how my knees were literally shaking while sitting down.)  After my audition, I headed back down to Nashville to play a show and keep myself distracted while I waited…

Weeks later, I got the news… Out of thousands of submissions, I was one of the 5 artists chosen for a brand new program called TIDAL Unplugged.  To this day, TIDAL can’t believe I landed in this program because of an Instagram ad.  Neither can I.TIDALoffice

The rest of the whirlwind that was 2019 is caught on camera.  Which was a trip.  Being mic’ed up, bringing strangers into my everyday world was hilariously bizarre.  Because if you haven’t noticed by now, my personality is probably too big for my own good, ha.

I’ve always been an open book, on and off camera.  I’ve always felt like my trials and my triumphs are bigger than the song, bigger than a post.  Little did I know how true that would ring for me in 2019.

This docu-series chronicles a time in my life that defines everything for me from here.  It’s the first of many releases from me and TIDAL Unplugged over the next few months.  The first is always the scariest.  Especially because it’s my story.  And I decided to tell it all.

So here we go:





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