Babies and boob rash.

I should be sleeping.

Or reviewing the songs that I’m supposed to sing in the morning.

But instead of listening to those audio files, succumbing to the Benadryl I popped an hour ago, and resting my body after a 500 mile drive today… I felt like blogging.  Briefly.

In case you missed it…

I became “Auntie Ray Ray” to a beautiful and perfect 8 lb 4 oz, 21 inch long baby girl, named Adalynn Mae.  The reality is that there’s an actual baby, in the world, being held and/or admired by someone right now.  And a few days ago, it was in my sister’s stomach… I mean…I’m still in shock.  And if I’m in shock, I can only imagine what my little sister and my brother in law are feeling.  But I guess that’s how babies work, right?  They live inside a belly, you get to watch your sister’s belly grow and grow, joke about how you’re finally the skinniest sister for months on end, and then…they go to a hospital and push a watermelon through a nostril.

Yeah, that made me cringe a little too.

I’m overwhelmed with love.  Watching my sister waddle around her house in a robe and sit on a donut everywhere she goes.  Seeing her husband talk about how many times the baby has pooped that day.  Watching my nephew, Nolan, snuggle her and give her head kisses.  Seeing my near 89 year old granny’s face light up, talking baby talk as she holds her, and then quickly handing her off once she starts to cry.

And to think… all these moments of love/adoration/terror/shock will be repeated for my family when my other sister gives birth in 3 weeks to my new nephew.

This is real life, people.

There was clearly something in the water, and thankfully, I stuck with vodka.  Who needs water…?

Yesterday was my baby sister’s baby shower.  I made my boyfriend go.  It was quite comical.  And it was excellent birth control.

And then this morning, I packed up my car again and drove down to Nashville.  Several big recording sessions this week, a couple co-writes, and some much needed time to re-group.  However, I have this weird heat rash going on…and my side boob looks like a burn victim or something.  It’s sexy.  The dried up Cortizone cream on my arm pit is even better.  So, if you see me this week, I’ll be wearing turtlenecks and ankle skirts…and reporting home to the compound.  Just kidding.  My hair isn’t long enough for a ‘sister wife’ braid yet.

And shit… The Golden Girls are on.

Thanks for reading my ramble of a blog tonight.

Maybe the Benadryl IS kicking in.

I promise to be more “prolific” next time 😉

Goodnight ❤





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