Blogs, bandwagons, and Beyonce

First and foremost, let me preface my first blog entry with the fact that I’m more than aware that a majority of you don’t really give a shit about blogs.

I mean, I don’t blame you, I don’t particularly care for many either. They are all about Paleo and pinning  (seriously, still have no idea what Pinterest is supposed to be).  Or they discuss fashionable accessories for the season, with photos of outfits that will never make an appearance in my closet unless I win the lotto.  And hire a stylist.  It’s a lot to take in.  And more power to the people that write and follow them.  I can only speak of what I know…

I know about creating music, how to attract toxic men, and… vodka, or chilled red wine if I’m feeling classy.

And sure, I’ll throw in my hysterically ‘colorful’ family and 2 dogs that I’ve managed to keep alive for 10+ years now.  Topics of conversations between me and just about anyone I know are typically loud & inappropriate, and 99% of the time end with some sort of dance sequence where I resemble Danny Tanner twerking.

I enjoy being weird as shit, making my family worry that I’ll “never settle down”, and keeping my life as open and honest as possible.  Because whether you’re weirded out, embarrassed for me, concerned, or you too are laughing into a glass of alcohol while you read this… the bottom line is, we’ve all been there. 

I have very good reason to believe there’s a lot of you out there that are very much like me, I’m just publicly owning it now.

For the first time in my life, I’ve accepted what I’m good at:
Music, pinching butts, telling stories with great comic timing, Snapchatting, making my 88 year old Granny feel like a million bucks, giving advice and not taking it, having Beyoncé dance parties in my car, getting on the same level of maturity as my 5 year old nephew, consuming large amounts of caffeine, making sure no ex ever says I got fat, living out of a suitcase, coming up with dog names, etc.

And then there’s accepting what I’m not good at:
Anything domestic, anything to do with money, making my parents think I’m responsible, sleeping in, having a home address, getting excited over anyone’s bridal/baby shower, telling a guy that it’s “just not working out” directly to his face, being on time for anything ever in life, reading instructions and following through til completion, etc.

I’m not creating a blog because I’m particularly intelligent or enlightened about this thing we call “life”, but because I’m learning.  And I think it’s only right to pass it on.  Finding the humor in the truths about myself, as brutal as they sometimes are, keeps me from beating myself up.  It also makes the daunting task of ‘self-improvement’ more fun.  And trust me, we all could use some improving.  And some laughs.

I’ve done it the hard way. The ugly way. The lonely way. The self-destructive way.  And a little over 6 months ago, I decided I didn’t want to take those roads anymore.

But I had to take the first step in the other direction.

And as it turns out, it wasn’t a step at all for me.

It was a leap.  A giant, terrifying, exhilarating leap that took me completely outside of myself.  And I’m still alive to tell you about it.

So this blog is for me.  This blog is for you.  Hopefully it inspires us both ❤

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